Reframing Work

The wide array of sectors, skill sets and types of jobs are grouped within the Terra-Collar, as this type of work suggests moving beyond the labor system inherited from the Industrial Revolution and understanding the actions required to mitigate the climate crisis as a coordinated effort.

The way society breaks down the roles of work requires an update if we are to provide an articulated response to the new climate reality we inhabit.

To ensure Earth transforms back to a viable environment for many species, with humans as the primary risk group, a new kind of work should instigate large-scale climate actions with tools at our disposal. 

Scale, mobilization, repurposement, training and sensing define the goals and organization of the terra-collar work, necessary for this terraforming project to succeed.

Reframing the discussion about labor from UBI and automation to the very real and urgent magnitude of effort required to reverse the course, will allow for better coordination, and more realistic goal setting that open new ways of keeping global warming under control.